Khanagah Architectural Complex

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Khanagah Architectural Complex is situated in northern-east side from Khanagah village of Julfa district. The Complex consists of a tomb, mosque and other buildings. In accordance with its inscription, the main tomb in the complex was constructed by Khaje Jamaladdin due to the order of Ulug Gutlug Lala bey. According to its architectural style, the history of monument dates back the 12th century.
Fazlullah Naimi, the founder of widely spread Hurifism in Azerbaijan since the 14th century was buried in the grave of the tomb. It is understood from the inscription on the south side of the Tomb-mosque that the mosque was built with the effort of Havva Badr Bika khatun in the memory of Sheik Haji Lala Malik in 901 (1496) for the Islamic calendar.
In accordance with the command of Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the complex was renovated in 2005 and reconstruction works were carried out around the monuments in 2016.