Garabaghlar Tomb Complex

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Garabaghlar Tomb Complex situated in Garabaghlar village of Kangarli district is one of the works of art of Oriental architecture school. The architectural features of the tomb, the technique of inscriptions, the similarity and other signs indicate that this monument was built by the architect of the Barda tomb Ahmed Eyyub al-Hafiz Nakhchivani in the 30s of the 14th century. The monument consists of a tomb and a head-span with twin minarets. It is clear from the text of the inscription on the head-span with twin minarets that the construction of this complex was ordered by Jahan Guti.
Garabaghlar Tomb Complex was restored by the order (dated 4 July 2016) of Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.