The Square of the National Flag

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The Square and Museum of the National Flag was established under the order “The establishment of the Square and Museum of the National Flag” of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated August 22, 2014 and started to operate on Novemver 17, 2014.
The Square and Museum of the National Flag is located in the highest part of the Nakhchivan city. The museum established around the flagpole is eight-pointed. The state flag waving in the square is 20 meters in length, 10 meters in width and the height of the flagpole is 57 meters. The battle flag of the Kangarli cavalry regiment of the 19th century, the flag of the twelfth century Eldanizids state, the national emblem and flag of the Nakhchivan khanate (1747-1828), the honor flag of Kangarly cavalry, the national emblem of Nakhchivan uyezd, the flag of Nakhchivan nobleman squad, the photocopies of the coins minted in Nakhchivan, as well as national flags of different periods are exhibited in the museum.
Besides the flags, the administrative-political map of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the map of Eldanizids state emerged in the XII century, the map of Nakhchivan khanate dated 1747-1828, the maps of Araz-Turkish Republic (Novemver 1918- March 1919) and Nakhchivan Soviet Socialist Republic (1920-1922), as well as map of administrative-political division of Nakhchivan (1924) are among the expositions of the museum.