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“ Nakhchivan ” University is an educational enterprise having specific peculiarities inter higher schools of Azerbaijan . For the purpose to maintain independence , to safeguard territorial integrity of our motherland , to possess and assess national values , to ensure our rights among the developed countries we prepare superior quality of specialists as our key goal .

         Current opportunities to have been created in the university with strict educational structure is the only condition in gaining our vital aims . Great state care , very strict educational discipline , constant enrichment of professor . Teacher staff with qualified  specialists , existence of perfect teaching interests of students ,  supply of the teaching  process with the latest ICT and some other factors impact the image of our university .

    The creditical teaching system at university enabled to improve the quality of teaching process and as well as the use of ICT in addition learning of foreign languages . Surely , the participation of our graduates in the social -economic life and representing our motherland and our nation abroad decorously are said to be our great success .